Sunday, April 14, 2013

Ready to Roll.....California Bound!

Hello world!  We are here and gearing up for our big trip to California this week for Reagan's annual heart cath, (that happens to be 3 months overdue).  From the looks of this pic, you wouldn't believe she's getting ready for her 8th heart cath!

Rod, Reagan & I will be flying out early Tuesday morning to head to California.  This will be our first "cross-country" trip to Cali so, unfortunately, it couldn't be done non-stop.  Sure was nice catching non-stops out of Austin to San Jose-- Oh well!  Soooo..... praying for safe travels, on-time arrivals, catching connecting flights and baggage to arrive with us!  And, of course, for good health & great reports from the doctors in California.  If all goes as planned, we should be back on our cross-country flight to Virginia on Saturday.

Since my last post, Reagan was able to get her dental work (1 crown & 2 fillings) done "with flying colors", as the anesthesiologist put it.  We are hoping she handles the anesthesia just as well this week for her heart cath.

Also, Reagan visited the Opthamologist for the first time and found out that she has astigmatisms in both eyes and is a little nearsighted.  She had to get glasses and is taking it day by day learning to wear them for longer and longer periods of time.  Hoping they help and she grows used to them rather quickly.

Please pray for Nolan, as well, as he will be staying back with my dear college friend, Heather Farester.  Heather and I met in college, roomed together and are now living within an hr. from each other.  Her son and Nolan are 1 yr. apart.  Thank you Heather for not only feeding & sheltering my child but filling-in as his "homeschool teacher" while I'm gone. Makes it much easier to focus on Reagan during this time when I know Nolan is in such good hands!

I will update as we know more.  Tuesday is our travel day, Wednesday is her pre-op appt, & the cath is not until Thursday.  Thanks again for following us on this journey!

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